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Disinfectant foaming lotion

Lotion for antiseptic handwashing


HP derm 7 Lotion 

Disinfecting foaming lotion for frequent hygienic handwashing with bactericidal, and fungicidal activity
External use only


HPderm 7 Lotion is a disinfectant foaming lotion for frequent hygienic handwashing. 

Formulated without perfume, colorant and parabens.

Enriched with softening agents of natural origin, the lotion allows very frequent washings.

Bactericidal properties (EN 1040), fungicidal properties on Candida Albicans ( NF T 72-301).

All microbiological properties are available on Technical Data Sheet

Food processing environment
Medical environment

Bottle of 100 ml

Bottle of 500ml with pump

Bottle of 1 liter

Disposable pouch of 1 Litre SORIBAG

Drum of 5 liters